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If you have a dental issue you’d like advice about, or you’d like to know whether or not a treatment is right for you, our online dental consultations can give you the answers you need.

We know life can make keeping appointments difficult, so we’ve made it as easy as possible for you to get the dental advice you need. You can connect to our dental expert through our online medical video consultation system.

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Our dentists can offer advice on a range of dental queries, from dental issues to cosmetic dentistry enquiries. Whether you’re worried about a particular issue, or you’re considering ways to improve your smile, our dentists can review pictures of your teeth and offer personalised advice.

Why Book an Online Dental Consultation?

Our online consultations can help you gain a clearer idea of what your dental issue is, and which treatments may be right for you. Here are some of the reasons you should consider booking an online consultation:


Well, you’re in luck because neither do we! Get a dental consult anytime, anywhere a steady internet connection is available.

 All you need is a mobile device or computer with video chat capabilities to Get a Dental Consultation from one of our licensed teledentistry.


All adults can maintain good dental health throughout adulthood by adopting good oral hygiene practices and by having a healthy diet.

Common oral health conditions in adults can include tooth decay (dental caries), gum disease, tooth wear, dry mouth, and tooth sensitivity. Decay in adults can be common around fillings and between teeth.

Eat well

Proper nutrition is necessary for healthy teeth and gums. Eating a well-balanced diet gives gum tissues and teeth the important nutrients and minerals needed to stay strong and resist infections. Soft, sticky foods tend to remain on the grooves and between teeth.

  • Enjoy a wide variety of nutritious foods.
  • If you eat sugary foods and sweets, limit their intake (especially between meals).
  • When you do snack, choose nutritious foods such as cheese and dry crackers, vegetables, natural yogurt, or fresh fruit.
Drink well
  • Drink plenty of tap water.
  • Avoid acidic and sugary drinks such as soft drinks, sports drinks, cordials, fruit juices, and flavored or carbonated water. If consumed, these are best to have with meals rather than between.
  • Choose plain milk instead of flavored milk.
Clean well
  • Use fluoride toothpaste at least twice a day – especially before you go to sleep at night.
Cleaning and caring for dentures

Dentures should be cleaned after meals to keep them free from food particles and plaque. Brush both the inside and outside with a mild soap. Remove dentures overnight to allow the mouth to rest. After cleaning, dentures can be kept in a cup of fresh cold water or left to dry.

Play well
  • Wear a professionally fitted mouthguard when training and playing a sport where there is a risk of oral injury.
Stay Well
  • If you smoke, quit for good.
  • If you drink alcohol, limit your intake.
  • Protect your mouth and face from the sun to reduce the risk of skin cancer.
  • Have regular oral health checkups – don’t wait for a problem.
  • Seek advice from an oral health professional about how often you should have checkups.
  • Those without natural teeth also need checkups.